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bowl game results for pickem' thread


Herbie for President
Here is a list I will update on all the bowl games... below is a link if you forgot who you picked...

link to picks

Tues. 12/14
New Orleans Bowl: North Texas vs. Southern Miss, Southern Miss -5
Southern Mississippi 31, North Texas 10

Tues. 12/21
Champs Sports Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. Syracuse, Georgia Tech -5
Georgia Tech 51, Syracuse 14

Wed. 12/22
GMAC Bowl: Memphis vs. Bowling Green, Bowling Green -4.5
Bowling Green 52, Memphis 35

Thurs 12/23
Fort Worth Bowl: Cincinnati vs. Marshall, Cincinnati -2.0
Cincinnati 32, Marshall 16
Las Vegas Bowl: Wyoming vs. UCLA, UCLA -12
Wyoming 25, UCLA 21

Fri 12/24
Hawaii Bowl: UAB vs. Hawaii, Hawaii -3.5
Hawaii 59, UAB 40

Mon. 12/27
MPC Computers Bowl: Fresno State vs. Virginia, Virginia -5.5
Fresno State 37, Virginia 34
Motor City Bowl: Toledo vs. Connecticut, Toledo -3.5
Connecticut 39, Toledo 10

Tues 12/28
Independence Bowl: Iowa State vs. Miami Univ (Ohio), Miami Univ (Ohio) -3.0
Iowa State 17, Miami 13
Insight Bowl: Oregon State vs. Notre Dame, Oregon State -3.5
Oregon State 38, Notre Dame 21

Wed 12/29
Houston Bowl: Texas El Paso vs. Colorado, Colorado -3.0
Colorado 33, Texas El Paso 28
Alamo Bowl: Ohio State vs. Oklahoma State, Oklahoma State -2.0
Ohio State 33, Oklahoma State 7

Thurs. 12/30
Continental Tire Bowl: Boston College vs. North Carolina, North Carolina -3.5
Boston College 37, UNC 24
Emerald Bowl: New Mexico vs. Navy, New Mexico -2.0
Navy 34, New Mexico 19
Holiday Bowl: California vs. Texas Tech, California -11.5
Texas Tech 45, Cal 31
Silicon Valley Classic: Troy vs. Northern Illinois, Northern Illinois -1.0
Northern Illinois 34, Troy 21

Fri. 12/31
Music City Bowl: Alabama vs. Minnesota, Alabama -4.0
Minnesota 20, Alabama 16
Sun Bowl: Purdue vs. Arizona State, Purdue -7.0
Arizona State 27, Purdue 23
Liberty Bowl: Boise State vs. Louisville, Louisville -14.5
Louisville 44, Boise State 40
Peach Bowl: Miami vs. Florida, Miami -2.5
Miami 27, Florida 10

Sat 1/1
Cotton Bowl: Tennessee vs. Texas A&M, Texas A&M -3.0
Tennessee 28, Texas A&M 7
Outback Bowl: Wisconsin vs. Georgia, Georgia -7.0
Georgia 24, Wisconsin 21
Gator Bowl: Florida State vs. West Virginia, Florida State -8.0
Florida 30, WVU 18
Capital One Bowl: Iowa vs. LSU, LSU -7.0
Iowa 30, LSU 25
Rose Bowl: Michigan vs. Texas, Texas -5.5
Texas 38, Michigan 37
Fiesta Bowl: Utah vs. Pittsburgh, Utah -16.5
Utah 35, Pittsburgh 7

Mon 1/3
Sugar Bowl: Auburn vs. Virginia Tech, Auburn -7.0
Auburn 16, VaTech 13

Tues 1/4
Orange Bowl: Southern Cal vs. Oklahoma, Southern Cal -3.0
Southern Cal 55, Oklaoma 19
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