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He admits to receiving money just not the same amount or same reasons as she claims and he admits she helped with writing papers but claims she didn't do work for him, so after reading that statement it really didn't clear anything up for me. I guess the easy thing to find out would be if he actually stayed in a dorm.
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The small amount of money seems to lend credence to the theory that the coaches didn't know about it. It would be unreasonable to assume they knew nothing of his living arrangements, but very reasonable that they didn't know someone bought him a pizza. IMHO, this version of the story takes us from "big time sanctions" down to "slap on the wrist"... just for the Savovic part though... there's still the matter of the head coach giving someone money. :(
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First of all - thanks Xevious.

I think Boban's statements about what happened relative to monies, clothing and schoolwork are positive. If this becomes a "he said - she said" battle I believe the burden of proof would rest with Mrs. Salyers. Boban's statements provide a framework upon which Mrs. Salyers could have fabricated her stories. Given her financial situation I think a reasonable person would conclude that Boban's estimates of the dollars involved is far more logical than the cleaning lady who spent 100k on some kid because she liked him or someone else asked her to. If the monies are small there is little basis to support her argument that this was funded and supported by third parties. She becomes a schemer trying to exploit the Roslovics via the basketball program. But beyond that, if any part of her story falls apart her credibility is gone and so is her case.

I would like to read the deposition of Rob Salyers. According to Mrs. Salyers that relatinship was a front. If he corroborates what Boban is saying that totally undercuts her. Of course, it could be that every word Boban wrote is a lie as well.

I also find it interesting that Boban didn't deny tapping Kim Roslovic. You go Boban.
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