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Blurbs from around the college football world....


Never Forget 31-0
MICHIGAN: Looking to bolster a running game that's currently ranked 94th out of 117 teams, Michigan gave the ball early and often last week to freshman Michael Hart, who entered the year as the Wolverines' fourth-string tailback. He responded with the team's first 100-yard game of the season (121 on 25 carries). Sophomore Jerome Jackson remains the starter, but Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr said he learned a lot about the 5-foot-9 Hart. "I think we learned that he's durable," Carr said. "When you carry the ball, particularly in your third game as a true freshman, 25 times, I think it says a lot of things."
wow, scum is starting their third stringer? I wonder how long before we go with our second stringer coach T? I beg you to end the pain I have watching Ross run.....time for a change

Ohio State has a ridiculous history of cranking out big-time DBs, and if we learned anything from the Buckeyes win over NC State, it's that OSU has another stud D-back in Donte Whitner. The 5-11, 185-pound sophomore (14 tackles, 2 TFLs) plays much bigger than his size. He was a big factor in the Buckeyes run support (his thunderous stick on T.A. McLendon set a tone for OSU) and he also picked off a pass and ran it back 24 yards.
Whitner deserves some credit for his play vs NC state, I like his attitude.

As if getting dogged for constantly being hailed as "the only quarterback in the history of college football to ever lose five times to the same school," FSU's embattled QB Chris Rix apparently has now even attained an almost as rare distinction -- a spot in coachspeak. When speaking with a football assistant coach last weekend we heard this description of an opposing quarterback's main weakness: "because he has shown the tendency to Chris Rix every now and then, and (Team X's) whole philosophy is based on not Chris Rix-ing."
Thats funny as hell..........

N.C. State's young defensive front rarely budged against the Big Ten bulk of Ohio State's offensive line. Virginia Tech's offensive line doesn't weigh any more on average than the Buckeyes' line, but Wolfpack players and coaches expect the Hokies to provide a weightier challenge. "They will be the largest, most physical, nastiest, toughest offensive line that we face all year," N.C. State defensive coordinator Reggie Herring said this week. "If you're not tough up front, if you're not physical up front, you're not going to hang with this offense. It's over." In its 22-14 loss Saturday to Ohio State, the Wolfpack limited the Buckeyes to 137 yards of total offense. After two games, State leads the country in total defense, allowing 152 yards a game.
I remember the days when our O line was labeled "physical"......

10. MARVELOUS MIKE NUGENT. Two words describe the Ohio State kicker who made captain, won the Marshall game with a 55-yard field goal and won the N.C. State game with 5-for-5 on field goals. 1. Great; 2. Player.
The guy is a stud...period.

AMANDA, Ohio _ A woman in rural central Ohio woke one recent morning to find her buckeye tree stripped bare of nuts. Was it the work of busy squirrels or a buckeye bandit? Sarah Young suspects the latter. Last weekend, Young returned to her home in Amanda about 25 miles southeast of Columbus and found her second buckeye tree shorn. A neighbor's buckeye tree also has been plundered. Young and Fairfield County Sheriff Dave Phalen suspect there's a market for supplying the shiny, brown nuts to jewelry makers. Buckeye necklaces are a hot commodity on the streets around Ohio State University on football game days. Phalen says why else would someone want them, noting that you can't eat buckeyes. He says there are no suspects.

wow......anyway to make some money I guess.

"It's good to finally get some turnovers after not having any for the first two games. Our line did a good job getting in their quarterback's face. When a quarterback has that much pressure on him and our defensive backs have good coverage, you're going to get turnovers like that." -- LB A.J. Hawk, to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, on the Ohio State defense that recorded its first five takeaways of the season in the win over North Carolina State.
should have been six, if the ref would have made the call...