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Alan said:
a quick hitter on Wilson has been entered into the blog hopper.......just an update....
This isn't the first time you've posted this "hopper" thing and I've been unable to find a matching article in the blogs section.

Somehow it doesn't appear on the first page (same problem as before). I happened to notice it at the main blogs page under the "most recent thread" link, but it doesn't appear on the home page for BP nor the Football section of the blogs.

Edit: I love the work you do and don't mean this as a complaint, rather as an observation of a problem. Might be something one of the Moderators would be better at fixing (not sure if you are one or not).
It was the first thread as soon as I clicked your link bro...if you click the blog key in the tool bar, the posted blog appears. Now scroll down to the football section and choose the blog you wish to read.
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As Alan said, the "hopper" is a holding area for new Articles/Blogs. You can still access these by clicking the link or going into the blog/article section and navigating to them for reading/responding. The holding areas is a moderation cue, where someone must "approve" the article. This prevents stuff from automatically being displayed on the front page. While this might be a hassle, it is a last line of defense from inappropriate stuff being posted on the front page. It requires someone look at the material and to make a decision if it is OK to be displayed. Most would agree that politics, religion or non-buckeye related info should NOT be seen on our front page ... that's what this does.

EDIT: Only a senior mod or admin can access this holding area and approve articles. So folks like 21 or Alan can't approve this stuff on their own. Don't hassle them for approval ... hassle me. :biggrin:
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