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tBBC Big Ten Top 5 Pre-Season Kickers and Punters

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Shannon Sommers

Big Ten Top 5 Pre-Season Kickers and Punters
Shannon Sommers
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


Imagine this.

You have on you favorite college football jersey on, maybe enjoying an adult beverage or two while your sitting back on your sofa or recliner. You hit the button on the remote then you see it, college football is here!

Well we aren’t there just yet but each week that passes is a week closer.

Here is what we will do to fill that lonely gap for you. Want to be the one with all the info when your chatting with your friends or look smart while at the water cooler? You came to the right place my friends.

I will do a weekly post on the top 5 position player or groups in the Big Ten conference, today will be the kickers also punters.

Big Ten Top 5 Pre-Season Kickers and Punters


Number 5

Ryan Santoso (6-6,250) Minnesota

Santoso played in 13 games last season. Going 17/21 for 81.8% on his field goals. He was a perfect 31/31 on his PAT. Ryan went 7/11 on anything over 40 yards his longest being a 50 yard field goal.

The interesting thing will be what head coach Tracy Claeys actually does with Santoso. There is talk of moving him to punter with him just doing the longer field goals.

Number 4

Michael Geiger (5-8,183) Michigan State

Last season Geiger went 12/19 with 51/53 PAT. Entering his senior season for the Spartans he has a 71.9 field goal percentage.

Geiger longest field goal was 47 yards but who could forget his 41 yard filed goal to knock the Buckeyes out of the playoff picture.

Number 3

Kenny Allen (6-3,210) Michigan

Allen became the full-time kicker last season. Having gone 18/22 (81.8) with 46/46 PAT’s.

The Wolverines are counting on another big season from their kicker.

Number 2

Drew Brown (5-11,195) Nebraska

Drew was second-team all Big Ten last season for his performance. He went 21/27 (77.8%) along with being 95 percent for his PAT (44/46). When you go 13/17 on anything over 40 yards you have a really good leg.

Brown will be a huge asset for the Cornhuskers in close games.

Number 1

Griffin Oakes (5-10,200) Indiana

Oakes was the Bakken-Andersen Big Ten kicker of the year. Scoring 125 points for his 24/29 (82.8%) plus going 53/57 (93%) on PAT’s. His longest was 51 yards so he has a strong leg as well.

The Hoosiers really rely on him with their offense that seems so high powered at times.


Number 5

Daniel Pasquariello (6-1,208) Penn State

The Nittany Lion junior punter averaged close to 40 yards a punt. His longest was 60 yards. 12 of his 58 punts was inside of the 20 yard line.

Pasquariello will need to improve on getting the ball inside of the 20 this next season for Penn State.

Number 4

Joe Schopper (6-0,193) Purdue

Schopper punted for an average of 40.2 yards last season with 20 of his 58 punts going inside the 20. Joe’s longest was 69 yards.

The Boilermakers will definitely need his booming leg again in 2016.

Number 3

Jake Hartbarger (6-4,207) Michigan State

Jake is going into his second year as the Spartans punter. Last season he placed 21 of his 57 punts inside the 20 for an average of 42.7 yards. Longest was 61 yards.

Hopefully the Spartans wont have to abuse him this season like they did in the Alabama game last year.

Number 2

Sam Foltz (6-2,205) Nebraska

The Cornhuskers punter was the Eddelman-Fields Big Ten punter of the year for his performance last season. 15 of his 56 punts went inside the 20. He averaged 44.2 yards with 16 of those being 50 yards or more.

Number 1

Cameron Johnston (5-11,195) Ohio State

54 percent of Cameron’s punts over last three years have landed inside the 20. Last season Johnston booted the ball for an average of 43.9 yards. His longest was 67 yards.

He has shown the Buckeyes how valuable he is with his almost pinpoint accuracy.

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