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Big effort against TT so it's not a bad loss


Following nick dials, our buckeyes put forth perhaps there best effort of the season but still lost to a slightly better TT squad. This is a good loss if there is such a thing. We have some good things to build upon after this game and it showed us where we are as a team when we play our game. (Stockman not included).
I just have two questions;

1. Are the Buckeyes really this weak inside? Maybe I just
read too much over on BNuts about how talented our big
men are, and had higher expectations.
2. Why is Stockman even playing, let alone as much as
he is? He made just two awful mistakes at the end of the
1st have that resulted in a 4-pt. swing. Now it's time for
B10 play, and he was no better yesterday than he was the
1st game.
GO BUCKS!! :oh: :io:
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