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BFC doing the right thing !!


There is something golden about hiding away and getting your stuff together like BFC did this summer. His shot will be at least a little bit better, wich is plenty as long as he is healthy. He doesn't apear to have NBA potential (I could be wrong) but that has to do with OSU. He could turn into a great college point as long as he's healthy and working hard like he is reported to be doing. He has the quickness, the handles, the brains and could show up with a decent jumpshot. Just give us 7 pts and 6 dimes BFC and we are straight. I was one of the first ones to count him out when TS transferred but BFC is doing exactly what a warrior should do. He's digging deep and trying to save his job. I admire that and I believe it will pay off. Come on wit it Fuss !!!!
I agree ant. I hope BFC "brings it" this year. I have a relative in the Pittsburgh area (BIG basketball fan) who got to see a lot of BFC in HS. I respect his opinion very much, and he said BFC might be the best HS guard he had EVER seen. Granted my relative isn't a scout, and BFC might have been playing weak teams, but I'd love to see him (BFC) get an injury free season to see what kind of game he really has.
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