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best apartment in Columbus


The World's Favorite Hobo
I'm moving back to the Columbus area and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as far as apartments in the area.
So far we like "Times Square"

Currently in Peoria AZ we have a 1300 sq foot apartment, it's new, extremely nice and the rent is about $900 a month. I'd be looking for something along about the same lines
Do you want to be downtown, in suberbia (sp?), near campus...???

Where you go will determine the cost... need more info to help (and even then I don't know how much help I'll be... I've never rented an apartment in Columbus).
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If only you were moving a couple years from now... I have a condo that will be open to renters in a couple of years...

Dublin has several places in that price range (and more going up all the time)... there is a big apartment complex northwest of Tuttle/270, that rents out in that price range (three bedroom, two full baths, a kitchen, a living room, and a porch)... I have two friends that live there (well one of them moved, the other is still there). You can also wheel and deal with them on the price or a month free, and try to get them to pick up some of the utilities...


If only that were the case... my folks have done a lot for me (not the least of which includes putting me through college)... actually I don't know one Arlington grad whose folks have bought them a house, a down payment for a house as a graduation present or wedding present isn't out of the ordinary, but the whole deal... nope...
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gbear....just jivin ya....

that area is great....i lived up very near there for a couple of years......safe location and plenty of good things to do.....

not too far from the shoe either.
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I lived in Meadow View Apartments near 161 and Sawmill, and I loved it. The apartments are really nice. I had a 1 BDR townhouse, a jacuzzi tub, lake view, washer/dryer included for $700. And it's really convenient to 315 and 270.
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Uh, I plead the 5th. :wink2:

Actually, even if I were drunk I would not set foot in that water. I couldn't keep my dog out of it, and I just hated when he swam in there, because the water is really nasty.
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