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Best 30 Games in OSU history


I hate tsun
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OK, been waiting to post this one. I am a nut for historical stats so hear me out:

Best 30 game stretch in OSU history

1A) Super sophs of 1968-1st game of 1970: 28-2 (.933)

1B) 2002-1st 3 of 2004: 28-2 (.933)

3) '72-1st 8 games of '74: 27-2-1 (.917)

4) '95-first 5 games of '97: 27-3 (.900)

Whats it all mean? Anyone who utters the word luck or overrated is showing their ignorance and the last 2 years to now have been the best run in OSU history!! Great times to be a Buckeye my friends!!
Great post as usual Jax.

It has been far too long since Statistics 421 at Hitchcock Hall (with a window view of the 'Shoe IIRC), but the probability of a 93-and-a-third winning percentage resulting from random chance (luck) has to be right up there with winning the lottery or getting hit by lightning twice on the same day.
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too many people get caught up in the "close wins" or "boring offense" argument to realize how special this time has been. In this day and age it is very difficult to put runs like this together. It is indeed a great time to be a Buckeye!!!
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