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Besides this years michigan game?


Head Coach
After this years Michigan game which game are you looking forward to most ?

A) Texas @ OSU (night game)
B) OSU @ Penn State
C) Northwestern @ OSU
D) Iowa @ OSU
E) OSU @ Michigan

I'm going to have to go with E, then A!

I'm going to the Texas Game!!


(this is trying to kill time)
scUM game...always the scUM game. Great...we are playing Texas. But it isn't a Big 10 game and really winning or losing the game doesn't mean nearly as much as scUM will. I'll actually probably be looking more forward to the Miami game because it's the first game of the year.
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Texas, no doubt. Granted, The Game will always be The Game, but we get to have The Game every year, while the game against Texas will be our first ever against them. Damn, that is going to be something to see!
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