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Well...the offense struggled though be it against one of the best defenses in football. The defense was awesome though be it against one of the worst offenses in football. Palmer was solid in his game winning drive to get the Bengals into field goal range. Graham did a nice job of making up for his missed chip shot. 1-1 for all the AFC North. Next week's game vs. Baltimore will be telling.


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This was an example, however, of the Bengals being unable to make a play to put a bad team away. Either of those FG possessions could have (and should have) been TDs...hell, they seemingly spent the entire second half in Fin territory. Also, Chambers NEVER should have had that TD (though it was cool with me, he's on my fantasy team) because they should have picked that off.

Still, the D is much improved, and the O seems to be gaining some confidence behind an unseasoned but talented QB, and the running game seems to do just enough to take the time off the clock and move the ball down field once in a while. They are also playing effective field position football...Tressel ball, anyone? It's ALL the rage these days :biggrin:
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We still have some work ahead of us.......but I definately like what I saw.

Being a huge Bucks fan......and Bengals fan, I cant see similarities between the two as well....tressball is right BL.

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