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I don't see any extra confusion added, just a more realistic chance of a non-BCS school striking it big. I like the addition. As a Miami grad, I wish this would have been in place last year. Seasons like last year are pretty special and QB's like Ben don't come along very often.
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What I want to know is whether or not this will be the only change. This supposedly won't be in effect until 2006 or so, yet I've heard a lot of rumors that they may add another game to be played AFTER the supposed NC game...for instance, this year, LSU would have played USC after beating OU in the Sugar Bowl. I haven't actually heard anything recently, but around the BCS bowls this year, there was a lot of talk to this effect...
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This was done to try to deflect 2 issues. The always present "why didn't a smaller school get in / We need the top 10 teams in the nation to compete." and the "we need a playoff game" camp.

IMO, It's just smoke and mirrors as the contract we be totally reworked when it comes up for renewal.
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