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Troy Smith for HEISMAN
This area of this site has been pretty quiet since I joined this site, and was wondering if anyone out there had a list of recruits we are looking at for the recruiting season. I know Matta has a lot of ground to make up and was very curious how he was doing. Any info would be much appreciated.

GO BUCKS!!!!!!!! :cool:
These are the names I have heard the most for 2005
Abdul Herrera 6'11 240 Miami, Fl
Kyle Madsen 6'10 210 Dublin, OH
Ben McCauley 6"9 225 Pa
Jabari Currie 6'3 195 Detroit
Wilson Chandler 6'7 185 Benton Harbour Mi
Chris Douglas-Roberts 6'5 180 Detroit (He might be the best of the bunch and can play the 1 or the 2, he's probably a long-shot.)
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Madsen sounds like a project to me. Might be good in a few years. We need a big man that is ready to play now. TD is all we have down low. Whoever we get has to be able to take some minutes and learn what it takes to play Big10 ball.

If Abdul Herrera 6'11 commits. Madsen might be someone to take and redshirt allowing more time to build up.

We have alot of schollies to give in the next two years, I am willing to bet, Matta will make us all proud, VERY PROUD within 3 years.
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Ben McCauley, a 6-foot-9 forward from West Newton, Pa., celebrated his 18th birthday with a commitment to play basketball at N.C. State.

His mother, Lynn McCauley, said Ben chose the Wolfpack over Xavier, Cincinnati and Ohio State. McCauley committed Friday and turned 18 on Monday.

Recruiting analyst Bob Gibbons of Hoopmasters.com rates McCauley as the nation's 48th-best player. McCauley averaged 23 points, 14 rebounds and five assists as a junior for Yough High, and Gibbons said he possesses perimeter skills similar to those of Marcus Melvin, a Wolfpack senior in 2003-04.

"Ben McCauley, for his size, has an excellent outside shot, good ballhandling skills and is an excellent passer," Gibbons said.

McCauley joins Courtney Fells, a 6-6 shooting guard from Shannon High in Mississippi, in the Wolfpack's recruiting class.


Ben McCauley couldn't help but notice North Carolina State's interest. At many of his AAU basketball games in the spring and summer, McCauley would look to the sideline and see North Carolina State coach Herb Sendek. Houston, Orlando, Morgantown, W.Va., Sendek was there, watching.

Next year, Sendek will get to watch McCauley in a North Carolina State uniform.

McCauley, a 6-foot-8, 230-pound senior at Yough High School, made a verbal commitment to North Carolina State this past weekend. He will sign a binding letter of intent with the Wolfpack during the NCAA's week-long early signing period in November.

McCauley is the most heavily recruited player in the WPIAL in the past few years. He is ranked among the top 100 players in the country and chose N.C. State over Xavier, Ohio State and Cincinnati. All four schools offered scholarships, as did many others. Pitt had offered McCauley a scholarship, but McCauley said the Panthers stopped recruiting him this summer.

"I developed a really good relationship with Coach Sendek," said McCauley, who played for the Pittsburgh JOTS AAU team. "He came to a lot of my games, and I was really happy to see that. I could tell he really wanted me. Once I told him I was committing, he seemed really happy."

McCauley has made two unofficial visits to N.C. State and attended a Wolfpack game last year. He also had visits planned to Xavier and Ohio State, but canceled them after a phone conversation last Friday with Archie Miller, who is in his first season as North Carolina State's director of basketball operations. Miller is a former WPIAL star at Blackhawk High.

"He told me to really think about the pros and cons for the remaining schools," McCauley said. "When I hung up, I really realized there aren't too many cons for N.C. State. It became clear that N.C. State was where I was supposed to go."

McCauley was a member of the Post-Gazette Fabulous Five as a junior. He averaged 26.6 points, 14.5 rebounds and 3.5 blocks. He had 49 points against Keystone Oaks and heads into his senior season with 1,445.

North Carolina State recruited McCauley to play the "3" or "4" positions (small forward and power forward).

"I really like the style of play [at N.C. State]," McCauley said. "They don't have their big men just stay inside all the time. They're allowed to actually handle the ball, bring it up the court sometimes and shoot 3-pointers."
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Things Looking Good With Cook

Since I think this is the only spot for basketball recruit info, I will post this here too...

Cook "Thoroughly Enjoys" Ohio State Visit

Don't want to give away too much, but I will drop this little nugget from Daequan's high school assistant coach...

"In fact, I think if Daequan was permitted to do so, he might have made the decision right there on the spot," Powell added. "He really had a great time."

Greg Oden and Mike Conley were there too and it appears that they had a great time as well. All three are rated #1 at their position...Cook at SG, Conley at PG, and the 7-foot Oden at center.

It has never been this much fun to follow basketball recruiting. Three guys all rated #1 at their position visiting at the same time. I can't even remember that ever happening in football...
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"In fact, I think if Daequan was permitted to do so, he might have made the decision right there on the spot," Powell added. "He really had a great time."

Why wouldnt he be able to? Is there a certain time that he could announce? Could someone in the know explain..... Thanks.....
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thad matta has been all over madsen lately, showing up around him a lot, things maybe get intresting for the underdeveloped 6 10 madsen if he can producue early this year. he has great touch on his shot, and decent quickness but lacks physical size and strength at 210 to play big time bball
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It seems that Matta and his staff are targeting Clemente, Hererra, Bell, Chandler, and CDR to a lesser extent. Lawrence Wilson is still a possibility as well. What will be interesting is to see whether or not Matta uses two schollies on guys like Clemente and Bell, or holds one for next clear in hopes of the Conley-Cook-Oden package deal.

Having Sylvester Mayes next year is going to help tremendously too. From everything I have seen and heard, he is a big-time talent. A few people have stated that he may be the best combo guard in the Big 10 next year.
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