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Austin on My Mind

Discussion in 'Open Discussion (Work-safe)' started by NorthShoreBuck, Aug 26, 2004.

  1. NorthShoreBuck

    NorthShoreBuck True Madness Requires Significant Intelligence

  2. FKAGobucks877

    FKAGobucks877 The Most Power-Drunk

    Can anyone tell me how the eff Cincinnati is on that list? What's funny, however, is that it's Cincinnati, OH-KY-IN. Not just OH. HA!
  3. DaytonBuck

    DaytonBuck I've always liked them

    Hamilton/Middletown, OH is on the list, I think that throws the whole thing into question
  4. NorthShoreBuck

    NorthShoreBuck True Madness Requires Significant Intelligence

    Unfortunately lists like this are based on statistics.

    Rarely do they go visit the actual location to see it's true livability.

    That was my reference to Austin. I have been there many times and actually would consider it a preferred place to live.

    As for the other Ohio towns, I would guess compared to other places they can't be all that bad.:roll2:
  5. buckeyefool

    buckeyefool He's back and better than ever!

    I'm assuming that Cincy is on the list because of the outlieing areas. Being from the area originally I can tell you that very few people live in the City of Cincy most are just outside of it.
  6. sears3820

    sears3820 Sitting around in my underwear....

    Austin is a great place to raise a family or live the single life.

    That being said, I can't wait to move back to Ohio.
  7. JCOSU86

    JCOSU86 Go Bucks! Staff Member

    sears: Anything lined up yet?

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