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I'm using the Internet!!!
Been a few days since I had an off-the-wall thread, so here we go...

[font=verdana, arial, helvetica]A long time ago I stumbled across a goverment website that was hosting about 4 hours of declassified atomic test footage. I downloaded all I could before the site dissappeared.

I slapped together this 5 minute video that is a series of some of the more interesting clips including: naval effects test, human dummy effects tests, underwater tests, outer space tests, underground tests and of course the all too popular "nuke shot out of a cannon" video. A lot of the footage in these clips I have yet to see anywhere else, including the documentaries covering this kind of thing.

Tell me if there are any particular clips you like and I'll try and host a higher
rez version.

FYI: There are three space detonations. One is shown early in the clip when a rocket is launched and you see two guys looking up into the sky-- the clip following is the detonation in space. The third is what a space detonation looks like on a cloudy night...its at 4:28. The last detonation on the clip that the music ends on is a really good shot of a space detonation. You can see the rocket trail in the foreground with a "milk dropping into water" effect in the background being the explosion spreading out in space.


[font=verdana, arial, helvetica]http://sodge.illegal-immigration.co...tomic_stock.wmv http://mirror.sardonica.net/atomic_stock.wmv
http://www.extremefps.com/atomic_stock.wmv http://www.teamslow.com/sa/atomic_stock.wmv
[font=verdana, arial, helvetica]
Yakity Sax:
http://www.users.muohio.edu/truaxmj/yousawitcoming.wmv I

At 2:32 there is a massive underground test. http://kujeger.net/files/sedan.mpeg http://www.motionpersonified.net/lamda/sedan.mpeg
Here is a hilarious example of what the original music was like on some of these clips: