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44-0..Can ASU beat USC? Andrew Walters..start the heisman hype for him..
Good grudge game for ASU after losing 31-2 last year...Iowa..though could have scored at least something to save face..bad for the Big 10

indeed iowa's offense sucks..and they don't even have to play conservatively..conisdering that they are down by 44 points..

iowa has 105 yards of offense with 4 minutes to go..
ASU has 496 yards..andrew walter has 31-44 for 435 yards with 5TD and i interception

hawkeyes..put some points on the board..with a punt return for touchdown..with 30 seconds to go in the game...
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AU and ASU get a lot of hotties from CA who want to go away for college.
The ladies from AZ are not too bad themselves.

The ASU quarterback has been hyped for awhile. Looks like he finally delivering. Didn't he just break some records of the Jake the snake Plummer?
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bucknuts44820 said:
This score didnt suprise me, I picked this one.....Iowa's D is overrated this year.

:osu2: vs :iowa2: = another victory
Hmm lets not forget Iowa went out west ... big 10 teams tend to choke it up big time when they do that (see scUM). I am just glad we are not playing them next week ... good teams tend to bounce back with a fury after getting embarrassed. This will be the second of our three big road games, and it should be a great defensive game to watch.
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