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  • OK, this may not be the right forum in which to ask this, but everybody pokes their head in here. Anyone have any good conversion programs/scripts to convert ASP pages to PHP pages? I want to get my recruiting database up and running here, and the actual page is written in ASP while the site here is running PHP.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    The program from naken was the one that kept aborting. I found the Jaguar one on a download site, but every single feedback was negative, saying that it didn't do anything except run in an infinite loop and run the processor time up to over 90%, so I'm going to avoid that. But I think I may have a workaround, though, that I'm going to ask C-Dog about below.

    C-Dog: Can you put a link that appears only to logged-in members? For example, near the top of your recuiting thread you have the two links to recruiting sites (Rivals and theInsiders). Could you have it so that a third link would appear only to registered members (not guests)? If so, I can put my ASP page and Access database onto my brother's website for now (has ASP and database support) while I finish it up and you can link to it. When it's all done, we'll have the option of moving it to either your site (where we'd have total control over access) or to the site I'm going to start soon for game video clip downloads. I don't anyone but BP members to have access to our database function and especially my video downloads site once I get it started. If I did put it on my new site, I guess I could controll access by checking the HTTP_refferer to make sure the user coming from your site, and denying access if he's not.
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    Well, evidently I was mistaken about HostGo.com (which hosts my brother's site) supporting ASP and non-SQL databases. No worries, though, I'll just finish loading the data in Access and then transfer it to a MySQL database when done. Then I can **** around with it and PHP on his site.
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    BB: Might have to take you up on that. But, what I'll probably do first is to do the conversion myself manually (the current ASP code is only 498 lines, and almost 300 of that is the vBulletin CSS stuff I imported, which I can export to its own .css page). So, with only about 200 lines of actual code (about half being standard HTML), I should be able to wade my way through changing things from ASP to PHP a line at a time. Most of it should be mundane stuff like putting dollar signs in front of all the variables, making sure those variables are all the same case, etc.

    Might be a good time to actually put my PHP book to good use. :) If I do hit a snag, I'll let you know.
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    Well, fortunately there's a nasty-assed weather front blowing through here and folks here at work were cut loose early. I chose to stick around and do some shit on my work computer that I wouldn't do at home. I installed PHP on my workstation and farted around with making ODBC work with the Access database. I got PHP to connect up fine with it, and then I went about converting the ASP to PHP, line by line...what a ****ing pain in the ass. However, I got it to work, and I'm going to e-mail the files to C-Dog tonight or tomorrow morning.


    The initial page is up and running thanks to some help from C-Dog.

    recruiting database
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