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Arse Scorchings (Split)


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greyscarlet said:
What does the nickname "Beanie" refer to? Is it random or is there a story behind it? This may have already been answered but I must have overlooked it if so. Thanks.
Please read the thread a little bit before asking. This questioned was answered only three pages ago.
First off, welcome aboard Mr. Wells. We're all looking forward to seeing you in the Scarlet and Gray.

Second, Thank you n8butch, I appreciate the straight answer. I kinda like how "Beanie" will roll off the tongues of 105,000 plus on a saturday afternoon.

Third, BFS thanks for the hospitality. Like I said, I looked through the thread. About once a day for the last month. A simple response such as that of n8butch would have sufficed. I am so sorry if I hurt your feelings for not putting the effort necessary to search through a 25 page 360+ post thread. I sure hope you can forgive me.
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I apologize... it probably wasn't teh most polite response... I had been up all night and it just rubbed me the wrong way since we had just had someone ask the question a day or two ago... (I should have kept my response the same but then included the answer)... Note I did include the answer with a link (that's not just an underlined couple of words).

I should have just made a suggestion for the future and then answered... my bad. Anyway, know that once the regular season rolls around and both this forum and the buckeye football forum are a lot more fast paced... we'll start having people ask this question a bunch of times without searching. Most of us understand taht you cannot search thru all of the pages, but know that stuff that's only posted 3 pages ago won't get the same sort of understanding.

So I should have treated you as more of a new member, as you're gonna have questions like this. Also try and understand where the hostility comes from, as many new posters show up in droves in the fall asking about topics that have been beaten to death. This one didn't necessarily meet that criteria, it just causes the same reaction from many of us.
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Being relatively new to the board myself , and having my ass scorched several times for what were viewed as inappropriate posts, i'm of the state of mind now where I'm a big timid fearing the lacing I will receive if my posts are viewed as out-of -bounds( as this post for this thread may be).

As for the scores of fans showing up in the Fall, I wonder if this increasing new membership is a goal of the BP or not encouraged.
If a goal, out=of-bound posts are inevitable....as I would guess will be
the ass scorchings when they occur.
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Here are the things that are considered bad posts:
- Reasking a topic that has a thread title related to the topic (like starting another "Who starts at corner" thread)
- Asking a question that can be found with a reasonable amount of research (ie "Beanie" explanation)
- A discussion about recruit A in recruit B's thread... this will force the mod to move those posts over to the recruit A thread... plus once recruiting picks up again unnecessary posts are frowned upon because it causes all of us to click on the thread only to read something not related to recruit B at all.

Thee are many other rules, and they are contained in the forum posting rules and the recruiting posting rules (such as not bashing a recruit).

However, I am going to break the rule and respond to this, because I know the mods have slightly less to do during this downtime and can afford to split this into a separate topic... and there seems to be a number of newer posters with harsh attitudes towards bp at the moment...

Dejavu, the only ass scorchings I can find in your posts:

- Being told not to ask a question about Pittman not related to Wells' in Wells' thread
- Guy responding sarcastically with a joke that he thought the t-shirt was the clincher for wells (note: same person "scorching" you)

The overall point is that there are some people that are going to overreact at times, but there are plenty of ways to avoid that. As I explained earlier, my response was predicated by the fact that I found the info by searching only 3 pages... Obviously there is no magic number for how far you should search, but 3 pages does not seem like too many to peruse.

There also is a learning curve when you join this site. Regardless of your sarcastic question, Dejavu, we do encourage new members and when they step out of line with a post we confront them once and then are over it if they learn (I was in this posters shoes when I joined). There is a higher expectation for posters on this site than BN where people are free to badmouth recruits, insiders (ie HelpingHand), etc. Self-policing by mods as well as regular users is how we avoid having tons of repeated questions in threads.
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There is a Search function (Search This Thread) that operates within the threads also...

There is no magic solution here...people need thicker skin on both sides and more tolerance for people late to the party.

Relax and enjoy the boards

BTW, welcome aboard guys.
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