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Calmer than you are.
For the BitTorrent lovers that have been without since SuprNova was raided. This is a place to find torrent sites. Orbdesign.net. This site gives a pretty large list of torrent site, their on line status, whether you have to register, or pay for them. It also breaks them down into what types of torrents you can find there.

If the link doesn't work, then just google 'orbdesign', and it should be one of the first sites listed.
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kinch said:
P2P sucks anyway. The users use poor encoders with poor quality and as the songs come from numerous sources they will be randomly tagged and named. Best to use something where audiophiles uniformly rip and tag the music (if you want full albums) - like Usenet. . .
Anyway you can walk us computer illiterates on how to use something like Usenet?
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