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Anyone looking to earn some good Karma points?


If anyone comes across a website with a factual or grammatical error post a link on this thread. This could be any web site or any online article. I can only offer you good karma for your help. Or if your an early bird, I have a radio show from 3-6 a.m. central time, on 90.7 KJHK. Call in a request (or type in on internet chat) and if we have it, it shall be played. http://www.kjhk.org/
Link me up sears I am desperate. I am in a multimedia editing class. For three hours a day we go over articles and look for factual, grammatical and style errors, which is why when I get on the Planet I type away not giving a #I(#@ about proofreading. We are supposed to find 10 errors in published writing by Monday. I have found four, but this week I am writing a story for print, shooting a TV package and creating an online web story so any help would be appreciated.
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