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I saw these guys on TV the other night They Rawk!!!


Fingerbang: (singing, as girls are screaming and fainting.) Fingerbang! Bang! Bang! Fingerbang Bang! Bang, bang, bang! I'm gonna Fingerbang bang you into my life! Girl, you like to Fingerbang and it's alright! (one girl goes into a frenzy of screams.) 'Cause I'm the king of Fingerbang, and let's not fight! I'll just Fingerbang bang you every night!

Like wow man....wow! That is some serious lyrical genious!
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Music really sucks anymore. Everything sounds the same. If a band isn't ripping off Tool, Creed, or Pearl Jam, they won't get signed.

12 Stones
Three Doors Down
Incubus (I can't explain the extent of my deep, burning hate for these fags)

It all sucks. And if it isn't this, it's gangsta-thug fuckin' (c)rap.
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There are a couple CD's I've recently purchased that are great, not necessarily new though:
Spoon- Kill the Moonlight (somewhat straightforward Rock, with a Pixies sort of sound to it, don't hear stuff as good as this on the radio anymore)

Dismemberment Plan- Emergency and I (this band apparantly broke up a while back, the CD is from '99 and I only heard about them recently, This CD is fucking amazing though, every song on it is awesome, definitely recommend)

As for new bands, there are 2 I've recently discovered- Fiery Furnaces (a brother/sister band that have strange songs- punkish show tunes is the best description I can give of them) and Crooked Fingers (former Archers of Loaf lead singers new band, much more mellow, but they put on a helluva show here in Portland a month back)
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