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The World's Favorite Hobo
How do we get past and solve the problems over in Iraq? Now this doesn't mean the war or what not. But with the actual PEOPLE over there. Actually people that seem to be in power all over the middle east.

I saw an interview where in Iraq one of the factions put in the new constitution rules that would make it easier for men to divorce women but difficult for women divorcing men. And to back his actions up the guy said "God has told us that he wants it this way." How the hell do you argue with that? If you disagree with him he can just kill you for being an infidel.

I'm always open to other cultures but (much to my chagrin) I'm finding myself increasingly prejudice against the whole Islam thing (I can only take so much of "staged" events for the camera and idiots dancing around after they kill or blow up stuff). And where the hell are the Islamic leaders in this country?

Does it strike anyone else that most of the men over there act like their compensating for something?
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