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tBBC Antonio Williams is a Buckeye!

Joe Dexter

Antonio Williams is a Buckeye!
Joe Dexter
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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The Ohio State coaching staff has done an amazing job of deciding which running back recruits to target over the last few years.

First, it was Ezekiel Elliott over Derrick Green. Now, Antonio Williams will be one of the featured backs in this class, instead of former top recruit Kareem Walker — who selected Michigan after the Buckeye coaching staff stopped recruiting him when he decommitted for the second time.

This isn’t about Walker though, it’s about a dual-threat running back out of North Carolina, who has the size and speed to be multi-dimensional in the evolving Ohio State offense.

Williams is a four-star recruit out of New London, NC. He enrolled at Ohio State in early January, but his recruitment becomes official today, as recruits still can sign elsewhere up to National Signing Day, despite enrolling early at a University.

At 5’11”, the former Wisconsin commit brings a lot to the table, and will challenge redshirt freshman Mike Weber for carries in the spring.

Williams has been hard at work in conditioning in preparation for the spring, and

Both have the best shot at landing the starting spot that was vacated by Ezekiel Elliott, when he left for the NFL.

Antonio Williams with a tremendous drive for a touchdown before the National Team ties the game! It’s 34-34. https://t.co/xkKompwzoS

— Offense-Defense (@odsports) January 2, 2016

Just how talented is the incoming freshman? Williams had four seasons of over 1,400 yards rushing at North Stanly High School. Over the last three seasons, he’s ran for over 2,000 yards in each campaign.

This season, his team didn’t go on a long playoff run. Williams still destroyed opposing defenses by averaging 10 yards per carry and running for 100+ yards in all nine games he played.

He scored 81 rushing touchdowns during his high school career and rushed for nearly 8,000 yards.

According to 24/7’s composite rankings, Williams is the 7th best running back in the class of 2016.

As most of you know, Williams has been hard at work in 2016 and has already logged off social media to keep distractions in distance.

I love that from a kid that has already shown on the field that he belongs in Columbus. I look forward to seeing him do great things on the field.

Welcome to Ohio State Antonio!

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