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LGHL Andre Wesson commits to Ohio State

Charles Doss

Andre Wesson commits to Ohio State
Charles Doss
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Another Wesson will suit up for the Buckeyes.

Nearly 24 hours after landing JUCO guard CJ Jackson, a class of 2016 small forward is now a Buckeye. Westerville South standout senior Andre Wesson, the son of former Buckeye Keith Wesson, and older brother of OSU class of 2017 pledge Kaleb Wesson, will keep the family tradition alive and suit up in the Scarlet and Gray on the collegiate level.

Alongside his brother, Andre played a key part in the Wildcats walking away with a state title this season. Known more for his defense, he came up huge on the offensive side during the tournament. Throughout the playoffs, Wesson averaged 16 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 3.5 assists a contest to help pace Westerville South to their first basketball state championship in school history.

Joining big men Derek Funderburk, Micah Potter, and guard CJ Jackson in the Buckeyes 2016 class, Wesson, a three-star prospect, had other opportunities on the table before Ohio State made his dreams a reality. Xavier, Butler, Richmond, George Mason, Akron, Bowling Green, and Toledo were among the programs to offer the 6'7ish wing a scholarship to play for their school.

Still reaching his full potential on the court, Wesson might not be a top 10 rated prospect, but still ranks among some of the best high school recruits in the class of 2017. According to the 247Sports Composite, the latest OSU pledge is currently the 58th small forward, and 297th senior overall.

Before you have the chance to see him knocking down buckets for the Buckeyes, check out some of Andre Wesson's high school highlights:

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