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LGHL An NFL scout would trade his team's defense for Ohio State's in a heartbeat

Luke Zimmermann

An NFL scout would trade his team's defense for Ohio State's in a heartbeat
Luke Zimmermann
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


Well duh.

Everyone knows all about how many Buckeyes will be invading Chicago for the 2016 NFL Draft in a little over a month.

And apparently some NFL brass think OSU's 2015 defense was as good as anything they saw from their own franchise this past season:

"I was on the phone with (a scout) just the other day ... he said, "I would trade our NFL defense right now for the Ohio State defense in a heartbeat. I'd do it right now,"' Jeremiah said Friday during NFL Network's coverage of Ohio State's pro day. 'When you hear that you (think), "C'mon," but you start going through the three levels of the defense, and even some younger guys that aren't eligible in this draft class. Oh my gosh, this is a loaded football team."

Eli Apple had told the Cleveland Plain Dealer similar at the Senior Bowl.

With as many as four defensive Buckeyes real possibilities in the first round and another three set to be drafted (and one to two of those in the second round as well), you could do a whole lot worse than loading your team's defense up with promising young Bucks and taking your chances.

Your move, Cleveland Browns.

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