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LGHL Already loaded at skill positions, Ohio State looks to add another TE in 2017

Austin Kemp

Already loaded at skill positions, Ohio State looks to add another TE in 2017
Austin Kemp
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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The Buckeyes build depth better than just about anyone.

The Ohio State Buckeyes started their quest for a national championship on Tuesday as they opened spring practice yesterday morning. After the passing of National Signing Day, the first day of spring football is the next checkmark on the list to getting back to fall Saturdays. With the welcoming of spring football, for the recruiting world, it means we are just around the corner for the camp circuit to get into full force in late spring months and into summer. Until then, the Ohio State coaching staff will be looking to add onto an already impressive 2017 class.

OSU offers Marwede

Ohio State extended an offer to 2017 tight end Jake Marwede on Tuesday night. Marwede, from Illinois, is the 20th ranked TE in his class, but has an impressive 22 reported offers. At 6'5, Marwede is an instant mismatch when lined up on the outside. He's effective in the passing game with solid hands and good play-making ability. He's no slouch as a blocker either, checking in at 240 pounds and showing the ability to open up holes.

The past few weeks have been busy for Marwede as he's caught the attention of many Big Ten schools. Watch for him to shoot up in the recruiting rankings as we get closer to fall. With limited numbers in 2017 and an excellent TE haul last year, Ohio State can afford to be picky here. The Buckeyes definitely like Marwede and must get him on campus in the near future.

Blessed to have received an offer from The Ohio State University! #GoBucks #B1G pic.twitter.com/q0EGXsVhJs

— Jake Marwede (@marwede10) March 9, 2016

Akers visiting OSU

One prospect that was on hand yesterday to take in practice was highly rated running back Cam Akers. In case you missed it, he was on campus the past several days for an unofficial visit. Akers, a one-time Alabama commit, will be a tough pull from the state of Mississippi, but he has legitimate interest in the Buckeyes. Getting him to visit on his own dime is monumental and it will be fun to watch this one play out over the next few months. Ohio State will likely push for another visit over summer and definitely one for next fall. Akers is definitely in play for Ohio State and the Buckeyes have put themselves in a good position to make a run.

#BUCKEYES ‼️ pic.twitter.com/fN59XLCpN7

— Cam akers (@thereal_cam3) March 8, 2016

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