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Al Horford information...(m)


that piece together a few more sections of the puzzle.

In the two links below there is some general information about Al Horford that I feel some will be interested in.


This article details the recent recruiting efforts of new Illinois head coach Bruce Weber. It's a good read and there is info about both Malik Hairston and notably Al Horford in it. According to the article Weber will soon make an in home visit with Al in Michigan as well as with Joe Crawford. Apparently, Weber is casting alot of lines out lately as he is trying to get in on some guys late. Weber decided recently to try and recruit either Malik Hairston or Joe Crawford. Their prep coach advised him to choose one or the other to go with. I think Weber took a look and decided Crawford was the most available of the two and went for him. Wise choice I think.
Weber is also after Horford now too and Illiniboard.com is making a small big deal about Horford getting an in home visit, as though Illinois has a real shot at him. Wisdom on the Illiniboard stated that Weber is trying to cover his arse just in case. You can't fault him for trying and one never knows where a kid's mind will go. The scuttle butt is that Illinois front line recruit Shaun Pruitt is going to make his mind soon between Illinois and Michigan State, and that leads me to link #2:


This is a simple little article with just a few paragraphs at the top about Horford just having recieved an offer from MSU. Is this common knowledge? It might be but I wasn't sure so I'm adding it. To me, it sounds like he isn't particularly gushing to the reporter in divulging this knowledge. If Pruitt chooses MSU that probably leaves Horford out of the mix there and leaves OSU one less competitor. I know most felt Horford would probably get an offer from MSU but wasn't sure if was official or not yet.

Just a few more concrete pieces of the puzzle to consider in Horford's case.