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LGHL After visiting Florida, how firm is 5-star DB Shaun Wade's Ohio State commitment?

Charles Doss

After visiting Florida, how firm is 5-star DB Shaun Wade's Ohio State commitment?
Charles Doss
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Will one of 2017's best players stay a Buckeye?

When it comes to recruiting, nothing is set in stone until National Signing Day. Nearly a year until they can make it official, one of Urban Meyer's former employers is trying to poach a member of the Buckeyes' 2017 class away from Ohio State. Even though longtime OSU verbal commitment Shaun Wade made a visit to Gainesville on Friday to get better acquainted with the Florida Gators football program, the five-star standout says he is still all Buckeye.

In an interview with Corey Bender of Scout.com, the Trinity Christian Academy (FL) junior said of his relationship with the Buckeyes, "I'm 100% with Urban Meyer, and Ohio State. The corner coach, all the coaches, I love all the coaches. I talk to them 24/7, everyday."

As Wade is arguably the top defensive back in the 2017 class, Florida isn't the only school with their eye on the 6'2, 185-pound junior. He has his fair share of college coaches trying to flip him out of his Ohio State pledge. Alabama recently offered Wade a chance to roll with the Tide, and he is also hearing from programs such as Ole Miss, USC, UCLA, and many other top notch schools from across the country.

To see what else Shaun Wade had to say to Scout.com, check out the full interview below:

Buckeyes contact 2018 guard

Always keeping an eye out for talent to bring into the fold, Ohio State head coach Thad Matta was in contact with one of the top-rated point guards in the class of 2018. Already holding a pledge from Central Ohio sharp shooter Dane Goodwin of Upper Arlington, the Buckeye boss recently reached out and expressed interest in five-star Brentwood Academy (TN) point guard Darius Garland.

2018 G Darius Garland (TN) was recently called by #OhioState #Buckeyes HC Thad Matta.

— Andrew Force (@AndrewForce8) February 14, 2016

With over two years still left on the high school level, the 5'11, 150-pound Garland already has numerous scholarship offers on the table. Although OSU has yet to dish an offer of their own, schools like Vanderbilt, Memphis, Tennessee, Baylor, Louisville, and Virginia have already given Darius an opportunity to further his playing days -- and studies -- at their university.

When it comes to rankings, the shifty Garland finds his name among some of the best sophomores in the country. Per the 247Sports Composite, Darius is currently considered the second point guard and 15th overall prospect in the class of 2018.

Want to see Garland in action on the court? Check out some of his highlights, courtesy of the crew at City League Hoops:

Quick Hit

  • Class of 2017 Ohio State commit Marcus Williamson received a scholarship offer from Maryland on Friday. Williamson, a Westerville native who now attends IMG Academy in Florida, has added a number of scholarship offers recently. Not just the Terrapins, but programs such as LSU, Louisville, and Miami are just a few of the schools trying to poach the four-star cornerback from the Buckeyes.

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