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Screw Blue
I went to the Grocery store with my wife. Of course i still had my Buckeyes Hoodie and hat on. I swear 4 people must have come up to me and LAUGHED. One ass hole said...ya know they lost today...my reply was simple...YES i know, but i am a real fan, and that bandwagon that you apparently jumped off of was going to take you to the land of all buckeyes fans, looks like you need to just go talk to May and his butt buddy alberts

I went to dinner in penn with gray slacks, a scarlett sweater and an osu hat on.

I picked a buffet cause I knew the penn hogs would be only thinking of the food.

If stopped, i was going to speak of Nichol. Isn't he from penn.

tressel won with cooper's team. This is tressel's team.

My son says they suck too. I got the game plan and sat through this .

Today i have my sunday ticket and get to see the bengals-browns. I do so love torture.

Friday i saw the worst high school game in my life. We live in wannabe blue blood west central jersey. They think their hs football is so good. i told them I am from cincy and the hs ball is good there. i lived in ironton where hs football is king.

These jersey mecca of hs football had a homecoming game without a float.

When you think things can't get worse, the worse hs game, worse buckeye defeat and the bengals v. browns, I get to read tibor on a bengals board.

Thank God my son's 8th grade team is winning.
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