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LGHL After nearly leaving Ohio State, Marcus Baugh ready to take over as starting tight end

Brett Ludwiczak

After nearly leaving Ohio State, Marcus Baugh ready to take over as starting tight end
Brett Ludwiczak
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Marcus Baugh quit the program for a day after his redshirt freshman season, but now it is his time to shine.

"Yeah, I was pretty upset and there was one day where I just didn't come. Then I talked to my dad and I've been here ever since. I was really upset though at the time. It was in the summer (of 2014). It was a summer workout and I just didn't show up because I was going to leave. I was really going to leave. But I ended up just staying. That was after my redshirt year. So yeah, it was pretty tough."

- Ohio State tight end Marcus Baugh via Dave Biddle, Bucknuts.com

After coming to Ohio State as the fourth-ranked tight end in the 2013 class per the 247Sports Composite, Marcus Baugh expected to make an instant impact as a Buckeyes. Being redshirted in his freshman year was a shock to Baugh, and almost led to him leaving Ohio State. The threat of Baugh leaving the program was so real that his father flew to Columbus in January of 2014 to convince his son to stay with the Buckeyes. Then came a day over that summer where Baugh didn't show up for an offseason work, and where he did quit the team for the day. After talking to his mom that day, he decided he was going to stay with the Buckeyes.

Baugh came to Ohio State from Riverside, California, and a big reason as to why he was thinking of leaving Columbus was because he was homesick. Even though Baugh says he still gets homesick, he's a lot more comfortable at Ohio State than he was during his first year. Baugh will also reap the benefits of sticking around Columbus, as he's slated to moving into a starting role at tight end following the graduation of Nick Vannett. Baugh came to Ohio State as more of a pass-catching tight end, but he has greatly improved his blocking the last couple years. Now that he is the main option at tight end, it sounds like more throws could be headed Baugh's way.

"Baltimore is known for a lot of haters, a lot of naysayers. I wasn't supposed to be playing high Division I basketball because coming up I wasn't the biggest guy, and I'm still not. I feel as though when I step on the court, I have the biggest heart. I thank Baltimore City for that. There's not a lot of good stuff going on in Baltimore, but you keep pushing every day, keep grinding. That's where I got that hunger."

- Ohio State guard Kam Williams via Bill Landis, Cleveland.com

With Ohio State being shorthanded lately due to the loss of Jae'Sean Tate for the season due to a shoulder injury, the play of Kam Williams off the bench has been magnified. Williams put in 11 big points in the win over Iowa a couple weeks ago, and even though Ohio State wasn't able to upset Michigan State on Saturday, Williams was able to tie a season-high with five three-pointers off the bench. Williams' ability to give the Buckeyes points in a hurry off the bench has earned him the nickname "The Microwave" from his teammates.

Many are wondering if Williams might be moved into the starting lineup since he is able to spark the offense, but don't expect that move to happen with whatever is left in Ohio State's season. In fact, it wouldn't be a surprise if Williams comes off the bench during the rest of his Ohio State career. This year the Buckeyes don't have much else in terms of scoring options aside from Williams off the bench, which makes his skills as a sixth-man even more valuable. With all of Ohio State's starters projected to return next year, it's likely Williams will be again the first man off the bench for the 2016-17 season. Even though he might not be getting starters minutes, Williams is getting happy to capitalize on the opportunity whenever his name is called.

"I think that we're moving better offensively. We're executing better, we're shooting the ball better. I feel like we've got a little more sense abut us that we're playing better basketball."

- Ohio State men's basketball coach Thad Matta via Adam Jardy, The Columbus Dispatch

It's no secret that Ohio State is going to need a deep run in the Big Ten Tournament if they have any hopes of being in consideration for a NCAA Tournament bid. At least the Buckeyes have a little confidence that their has been better as of late. Even though they lost by 15 to Michigan State on Saturday, Ohio State was able to hit a season-high 11 three-pointers. What held the Buckeyes back in that contest was the Spartans hit 67 percent of their shots from the field.

Even though they beat Rutgers last month 79-69, there was nothing pretty about Ohio State's offensive performance in Piscataway. Since then the Buckeyes have been better on the offensive end, with their only two losses in the five games since coming against Michigan State. Where Ohio State has improved the most has been at the free throw line, where they have shot 74.8 percent over their last five games, compared to 65.7 percent in their first 26 games. While Ohio State's field goal percentage has improved slightly, they are moving the ball better, which gives Matta a reason for optimism. If Ohio State is able to get by Penn State tonight, they'll definitely need to continue their improved offensive play with a third matchup with Michigan State in the last two weeks on deck.

"It really reflects the changing dynamics in football recruiting and what's happening nationally."

- Martin Jarmond, Ohio State executive associate athletics director for administration via Tom Knox, Columbus Business First

With the college football recruiting landscape continually changing, Ohio State will employ someone whose sole focus is on the digital side of football recruiting. Currently social media outlets like Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram are spread among a number of staffers, but will be coordinated by the director of new and creative media that the athletics department is currently searching for. The director will oversee digital communications for the school's recruiting department, and will be in charge of a nine-person creative team.

With more and more recruits not only announcing what schools they are interested in, but also announcing their commitments on social media, Ohio State is trying to stay ahead of the curve. The importance of adding someone to be in charge of the new area was brought up to Jarmond after the season by director of player personnel Mark Pantoni, who has fully embraced the importance of social media in recruiting. The new position, which will pay between $45,000 and $55,000, could translate into other major Ohio State sports if it is believe to be beneficial.


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