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LGHL After adding Malcolm Pridgeon, Ohio State eyes JUCO ranks with latest offer

Bret Favachio

After adding Malcolm Pridgeon, Ohio State eyes JUCO ranks with latest offer
Bret Favachio
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Could the Buckeyes add junior college prospects in consecutive classes for the first time under Urban Meyer?

Ohio State offers JUCO DT

After only adding one JUCO prospect -- WR Corey Smith in the 2013 cycle -- during his first few years at Ohio State, Urban Meyer went back to the JUCO ranks last class and was able to reel in big-time OT prospect Malcolm Pridgeon from Nassau Community College (NY) on National Signing Day to finish the 2016 class.

Now, the Buckeyes are hoping to secure the commitment of another junior-college prospect as '17 DT Teair Tart-Spencer from ASA College was the recipient of an Ohio State offer on Wednesday. Make no mistake, it was important for the Scarlet and Gray to jump on the 6'4, 295-pounder now, because other big-time programs have also offered and shown the Brooklyn prospect plenty of attention.

The Buckeyes join Alabama, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Ole Miss, Pittsburgh, South Carolina, and more on the offer sheet of Tart-Spencer. Surely that list will continue to expand as the months go by as he is well on his way to finishing as one of the top JUCO prospects in the class. Next up, Ohio State will look to get the big defensive lineman on campus so they can really make some noise in this recruitment.

Marwede sets Buckeye visit

For now, Ohio State's top ranked 2017 class does not include a prospect at the tight end position. However, on Wednesday, '17 TE Jake Marwede from Loyola Academy (IL) set up a visit to Columbus for March 8, per ESPN's Tm VanHaaren.

At the time being, Marwede does not hold an offer from the Buckeyes, but it's not out of the realm of possibility. Ohio State has only offered two prospects at the position and one of them -- Cole Kmet -- has since committed to Notre Dame. We'll see how a good visit to the Buckeyes campus stands in regards to an offer.

Marwede is currently a three-star prospect but he does hold some respectable offers. Arkansas, Duke, Northwestern, Miami (FL), Nebraska, Penn State, Pittsburgh, and Tennessee are the programs who've already extended them to the 6'5, 238-pounder.

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