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I've always liked them
Cows Painted With Ads, Become Moving Billboards

Advertisers Hope To Catch Attention Of Passing Motorists

<TEXT id=txt_posted>POSTED:</TEXT> 11:30 a.m. EDT June 24, 2004
<TEXT id=txt_updated>UPDATED:</TEXT> 1:23 p.m. EDT June 24, 2004

<!--startindex-->Advertisers in Norway have found a new way to catch the attention of passing motorists -- they're painting messages on grazing cows, according to a Local 6 News report.


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The ads are spray-painted on the cows backs and sides for items like caps, headbands and casual clothes.

The cows on Ivar Loene's farm were painted with the word "BULA" -- an American apparel company, according to the report.

The herd will apparently star in upcoming commercials, according to the report.

Watch Local 6 News for more on this story.