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LGHL Adolphus Washington isn't letting his past mistakes define him

Alexis Chassen

Adolphus Washington isn't letting his past mistakes define him
Alexis Chassen
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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The former Ohio State star is trying to show scouts what he can do on the field far surpasses any questions they may have.

If the NFL Draft were based solely on a player's performance on the field, Adolphus Washington would have significantly less to worry about as he starts meeting with NFL scouts and executives. Just days after pleading guilty to solicitation, the defensive big man will now have to explain why the arrest is a non-issue moving forward.


DT Adolphus Washington: 6035, 297. Good measurements for him

— Jon Ledyard (@LedyardNFLDraft) January 26, 2016

His measurements also included 912 hands, 34 arms and a 8012 wingspan.

Practice notes

In his review of Day 1 practices for defensive tackles, Mike Mayock, NFL analyst, said, "But the topper was Adolphus Washington from Ohio State. He was all over the field in one-on-one drills; he was too quick, too stout. He was great in team drills. I thought he put on a show."

Washington showed value as an interior lineman, with the "ability to penetrate in individual and team drills", and dominated in the one-on-one drills. There were few opponents who were able to stop Washington from barreling through the line, and that's exactly what NFL teams will want to see.

MY TOP Sr Bowl guys: QB Carson Wentz, WR Braxton Miller & Ed Eagan, OT Jason Spriggs & Joe Haeg, DT Adolphus Washington, LB Antonio Morrison

— Omar Kelly (@OmarKelly) January 29, 2016

Dan Kadar of SB Nation noted, "He's the total package as an interior defensive lineman. He used his speed to work past blockers and his power to push them around."


Washington moved from nose tackle to the three-technique defensive tackle role for Ohio State last season. According to SB Nation, Washington said he prefers the new position, and teams have talked to him about staying at that position as a pro.

"I like three-technique because it lets me use my quickness," Washington said. "(Three-technique) lets me get to the quarterback faster."

He has been lining up at the interior pass-rush spot in Senior Bowl practices, and has really stood out. According to Shutdown Corner, he appeared "much quicker off the snap", and used "his power well from the interior".

"The three is where I feel most comfortable," Washington told Shutdown Corner. "I can bump out and play a five [over the offensive tackle]; I can play a one [shaded over a center]. I'll play whatever, but the three is where I am home with my quickness and strength."

He's also dealing with his off-field issue head on. When asked if he was embarrassed by having to constantly relive it in all the team interviews, he was quick to note, "I'm not embarrassed by it at all. And I don't regret doing it because I don't regret anything I do. Everything you do is a learning experience, positive or negative. This happened to be a negative, and I have to deal with it."

NFL interest

Washington has a first-round skill set heading into the NFL Draft, it'll be how he handled his interviews with teams during this week and ahead of the Draft that will determine if he goes Day 1. With his off-field issues, some teams might hesitate to take him, but so long as he focuses on football, he should be an asset to whatever defense takes the lineman.

After Day 1 practice, SB Nation noted that several scouts were clamoring to set up future meetings with the star defender.

The Steelers, who seem to be a popular pipeline for defensive talent out of Ohio State, seem to be spending a lot of time talking to and analyzing Washington. Head coach Mike Tomlin ever gave the player advice on how to handle interview questions about his arrest.

"He told me he thought I should attack it," Washington told Shutdown Corner. "I did it, so I have to deal with the consequences. I have to explain to them my situation, what occurred."

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