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Admins Question Or Please Help


Never Forget 31-0
My buddy......buckeyeblitz04 has registerd on the site but cannot post yet...any reason why or maybe somebody can activate him, its been almost 24 hours since he registered...any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Go Bucks
Did he receive his confirmation email? If not, Clarity might have to go in and force another to go out to him. He had to do that for me. I am sure Clarity will see this, but if he doesn't respond you may try to send a PM to Hubbard or Clarity, see if they can manually send another confirmation email.
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Hummm ... that sounds like something Clarity (possibly Bucknutty or Hubbard could as well) will need to look into. I know I can't access anything dealing with the membership. 44820, you might want to send Clarity a PM to make sure he sees this info.
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