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I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Rock On!
:banger: :groove: :beer:


Rockers AC/DC win some street cred
Sunday, June 6, 2004 Posted: 9:18 PM EDT (0118 GMT)

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) -- The rock band that belted out "Highway to Hell" could soon stroll down a lane named in their honor, city officials in the southern Australian city of Melbourne have said.

Melbourne City Council is considering renaming Corporation Lane, a narrow downtown alley, AC/DC Lane as a tribute to the band.

"They are probably the most successful Australian band ever and they really do have a connection to Melbourne," said council city services committee chairwoman Kimberly Kitching on Monda.

One of the band's famous video clips, for the song "Long Way to the Top," was filmed on the back of a truck in a Melbourne street.

"I don't think there would be many who wouldn't know that film clip where they are playing on the back of flatbed truck along Swanson Street," Kitching said.

She said the council would make a decision on the name change within the next month, but it had already received broad community support.

AC/DC already has a street named after it in Madrid, Spain.
Oops....New Zealand!

Neil Finn was only 18 when he joined New Zealand's Split Enz in 1979, helping change their approach from art-school eccentricity to relatively straight pop: Split Enz' only major U.S. hit, "I Got You," was one of his first contributions. He'd assumed most of Split Enz' songwriting by the time of their 1986 break-up; drummer Paul Hester was recruited from the last Enz line-up. Crowded House originally aimed for a more stripped-down trio sound, though their albums were always lushly produced (three of the four were expertly done by Mitchell Froom) and they'd always have guest keyboardists, including Split Enz' Eddie Rayner.

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Midnight Oil
Kylie Minogue (well, she's nice to look at....)
Olivia Newton-John (she used to be nice to look at...)
The Church
John Farnham
The Divinyls
Rick Springfield

AC/DC is by far the best, though.
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