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The Most Power-Drunk
According to the link posted by Xevious, if you have student tickets, the only way to get into the game this year is if the student who is supposed to have the tickets takes them to the ticket office and pays the difference before the day of the game. Killer, I thought you said if you have a student ticket you could pay the extra $30 or whatever and still get in...which is true? Does the student whose name is on the tickets have to be with you in order for you to get into the game?
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Defense still wins Championships
same here. i already bought some student tickets from a friend of mine for the PSU and indiana games. if i'm unable to get in, i won't be a happy camper.

hey killernut, you think you can let your fellow planeteers in? :wink2:
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Serenity now
Two of my buddies took their fathers to the game. Both had a Buck-id of another person in case they would be asked to show something. Neither even had to show any type of ID, nor did anybody else in my group of about 20 tickets. We all used gates 11 and 13. Supposedly the people that were supposed to check ID's are the same ones that check purses and other bags right before the ticket takers.... the people in the yellow shirts. The one I passed never even looked at me.
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This space left intentionally blank
They were checking at gates 7 and 9. It took forever to get through gate 7 and people were definately turned away. They may have just gone down to gate 11 and gotten in though... who knows?

People at gate 7 seemed pretty pissed with just a couple minutes left to kickoff. People were shouting out "email Karen Holbrook", etc.
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Somebody's Heine' is crowdin' my icebox...
They were trying to check at Gate 12, but the line was huge and it was 10 mins before kick-off. By the time me and 2 other students got through the first usher didnt pay much attention to our IDs. Then as we got to the second usher who was suppost to scan our internet ticket, the first usher was yelling at him to let us go because they didnt have time. I seriously think they are not going to have time to do this, this year. My advice for a non-student with a student ticket, wait till right before kick-off and get in a long and busy line.
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Serenity now
A little unrelated, but I am always amazed at the amount of dumbasses that stop as soon as they get to gate 7 and wait in that mass of humanity forever to get in the stadium. Do people realize that if you keep going down to 9 or 11, the wait is about 1/10th the time?

If they thought last weekend took a long time to check the 6,000 student tickets that were sold, how do they expect to handle the 28,000 season student tickets once Big Ten games start?
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Mr. Such and Such
two of my friends had student tickets but no ID's and were denied entrance.

I had a student ticket and my buddies buck ID and had no problem getting in.

There were about 4 guys behind me that had other people's buck ID's that didnt even come close to resembling them, and the ushers looked at the buck ID's laughed and let them in.

So, if you have a buck ID, you should be fine.
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The way it is suppose to work and the way it does???

To be sure I would pay the extra cash ahead of time, otherwise ther is a very real possibility that they will not let you in. I hate it because a lot of students made money to help themselves through school that way, but the greedy University wants to make sure that they get every last cent out of people.
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HTTR Forever.
Xevious said:
I think they are serious this year and heard they will be scanning both the ticket and BuckIDs.

Here's the new policy anouncement.


According to the anouncement, the policy will be expanded to faculty/staff tix next year. If they actually start doing this I'm guessing scalper prices might increase. I already sold my UC tickets to a ticketbroker for quite a bit more than I expected.
I was told I would be getting a new ID next year complete with Code 128 bar code. Its for real gents/ladies.
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