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ABC coverage map vs. Wisconsin

See what I would like to know is why those ABC cock suckers feel like they have to air 4 games at the same time!! Ship a couple good games to ESPN ... let the people decide what they want to watch. Or they could run a couple games at night on ABC. The bastards feel like they have to hog all the good games. (I know I can get game plan, but I don't think I should pay for TV unless it is commercial free)
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for some reason.. every OSU game is broadcast here in Jersey...

we only get one browns game a year... and only get the Indians when they play the Yankees... but every Buckeye game...

it's also interesting, that at Rutgers (where my daughter attends), next to Rutgers gear, the most common gear seen on campus is OSU Buckeyes...

At Rutgers stadium, they show the OSU scores at LEAST every quarter during the game.. or more often...

pretty cool
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Granted Cal vs. USC is a HUGE game, but how on earth did they get the north EAST!?!?Also, stop whining. I have seen all of ONE tOSU game this year. and they are airing 3 game at 2130 here and so far one is USC/CAL and the other two are TBD, so why dont you all cross your fingers for me? (I had to stay up until 6am to listen that horrible game last week on the radio!)
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You are totally right. I tell people out here that the second most represented state at Ohio State is New Jersey. (Does anyone remember the Jersey girl sorority with the doctor who was a mother and wrote the entire sorority medical passes for asthma so that they could drive from building to building? Something like that around 1994. . .)

We get every game out here. If nothing else the games will be on the Mets or Yankees channels.

FOR ONCE, however, I don't have to worry. I'll be at the shoe. . .
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Whew! It looks like I'm going to get it. They've divided DE in half- the top half (where I am) gets OSU, and the bottom half gets Maryland/GA Tech. I'm surprised that we're not all included with Maryland, but I'll take it!

The last couple of years we've gotten a fair number of OSU games. They must include us along with lower Jersey.
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I'm using the game as an excuse to get away from my in-laws who will be descending upon us for the weekend. "Sorry, I'd love to stay and visit, but the game isn't on here, so I'll just have to go watch it elsewhere. Damn, I really hate that, but what can ya do?"
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