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Aaron Boone to the Tribe (Pending Physical)


Sitting around in my underwear....

Boone could be ready to play soon <NOSCRIPT>Boone could be ready to play soon

Associated Press
<!-- template inline --><!-- insertinlineAd -->CLEVELAND -- Free agent third baseman Aaron Boone has reached a tentative agreement on a two-year contract with the Cleveland Indians, The Associated Press learned Friday.

Boone, whose 11th-inning homer in Game 7 of the ALCS last season put the New York Yankees in the World Series, hasn't played since injuring his knee during a basketball game in January.

The Indians, who outbid several other teams for Boone, plan to announce the signing this weekend if Boone passes his physical, according to two baseball sources who spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity.

The 31-year-old Boone, a career .270 hitter who spent seven seasons with Cincinnati, was already in Cleveland undergoing medical tests and could be ready to play in a few weeks, the sources said.

That's just in time to help the surging Indians (35-36), who have won nine of 14 and entered the weekend four games out of first place in the AL Central.

Boone went from hero-to-goat in a New York minute.

Just two months after beating the Boston Red Sox with his homer off Tim Wakefield, Boone tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee in the pickup basketball game.

Boone's injury led the Yankees to pursue and eventually sign All-Star Alex Rodriguez.

Boone had surgery before being released in February by the Yankees. He agreed in December to a one-year $5.75 million deal with New York, but the contract prohibited him from playing basketball. So, the Yankees had to give Boone only 30 days termination pay -- $917,553.

The Indians will benefit from Boone's versatility. He can play third base, second base and shortstop. With shortstop Omar Vizquel in the final year of his contract, Boone gives Cleveland some depth and options for 2005.

Boone batted .254 with six homers and 31 RBI last year for New York, which acquired him from the Reds last July for left-handers Brandon Claussen and Charlie Manning.

Overall, Boone hit .287 with 24 homers and 96 RBI last season and was named an NL All-Star.
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I would guess in the short term, it means Casey Blake is going to be playing some 1B... since they seem reluctant to put Hafner there every day... sorry Ben Broussard... learn to hit.
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BuckinMichigan said:
Sounds like they think they are turning the corner. IF that lousy bullpen could have saved half of those games the Tribe would be in first place.

Amen. I was watching Baseball Tonight a couple nights ago and Peter Gammons said Bob Wickman should be back in 10 days or so. I'm sure there will be rust initially but if he can regain his old form, or close to it, the bullpen will be that much better.

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Ben Broussard will hit. He reminds me so much of Brian Giles. The Tribe needs to keep a hold of this guy and let him mature and get comfortable.
Don't pull the plug on him and do something stupid like they did with Giles.
That may have been the worst trade in the last ten years. Giles for Rincon.
Broussard has been extremely hot this week. I'm telling ya, the kid will be a hitter.
Baseball tonight just said that Boone will not be ready untill late August or even early September. No matter, What an absolutely great pick up for this young team. The guy is a good leader and a postive influence in the clubhouse. Makes me think the Tribe brass believes this team isn't far away.
I agree with BuckinMich. Give them a couple decent relievers and they are easily in first place.
If Casey Blake does end up seeing some time at first base, it will only be for the short term. I don't see this guy being in the Tribe's plans.
For a guy that has average power and never bats above .270 he strikes out way to much. Last I saw some time ago he had like 55 K's and half that many walks. That's a bad combination. I'll take Jim Thome's 120 K's because he'll hit right around .290 or higher, have 45 homeruns and 125 RBI.
Blake will never come close to those numbers. I think he'll be gone soon as I can't see him playing the utility guy on the roster with his only experience at 3rd base.

I just did some looking around.
In Giles last two years with the Tribe he hit .268 with 16 HR's and .269 with 17 HR's. The next four years with the Pirates he averaged around 36 HR's a game and in 2002 he had only 74 K's.
These are the kind of Numbers that Broussard will put up if they Tribe stays Patient with him. He may not hit that Many HR's but 25 to 30 could come very easily. And he doesn't strike out like Blake does. He should be your first baseman of the future. Not Blake.

Ben's been very hot the last week. Average is up to .261. He's coming along just fine.
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