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Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
Staff member
Not sure how many of you are interested but helpinghand posted this over on the pay board over at Bucknuts. I don't think they will have a problem if I post it here.

Dennis Kennedy (Father Update)
Dennis Kennedy's father continues to battle sever lung problems at the VA Hospital. Yesterday, he had one lung collapse; today it is back to 70%, but he remains in intensive care. As you can imagine, it is taking a huge toll on his family.

I really hate to ask; maybe if you could take a few minutes and send his Family a Get Well card from their Buckeye Family, it would cheer everyone up a little…

VA Hospital
Patient David Kennedy
7305 N Military Trial
West Palm Beach, FL 33410

I would take it as a personal favor if you guys could invest some time and 37 cents…


Helping Hand