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A penny for you thoughts?


Just out of curiosity, I'm wondering why a group of pathetic logic-impaired hayseeds spend so much time ruminating about how much they hate Michigan? Just remember, anger is depression turned outward...


Hi, I'm from My host name is: gw138127.net.hfh.edu.
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Not only can we accept criticism, I hope we can welcome it with open arms. Which is why I'm happy to already see some people from other schools (UM, WSU, etc.) on this board. I hope we'll see more.

Rod_Munch was clearly out of bounds with a couple of the things he said, which were totally unrelated to football. His only possible purpose for posting them was to get banned, so he got what he wanted. No big deal.

I see bannings as something that will be extraordinarily rare on this board, but when one is due, no sense in dicking around.

Good call/catch Hubs and 3yards.
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