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A look at the Offensive Line of the Browns


Nutis Maximus
Ace Davis’ Weblog
The First Name in Browns Blogging

If you had to distill the myriad reasons for Butch Davis’ demise into their purest essence, you might say this: he couldn’t build an offensive line to save his football life. Had he done so, how well would our quarterbacks have played? How many damaging blows might they have been spared? How many yards might our stable of runners have amassed? How much more rested and rowdy might the defense have been? The answer, my friends, is in the winds of change now whirling through the Browns organization.

PHD had some decent linemen. He also scuttled some (Wohlabaugh, Oben, O’Hara...). Recurring rashes of injuries exposed a raw depth chart. He wanted versatility from his young reserves, but in four years he and his staff were unable to develop even one prospect into a beefy bulwark. Here’s the roster rundown:

Ross Verba (’04: 16 games, 16 starts; total NFL games: 106; age 31; signed thru ’06; ’05 salary: $2,925,000)

After missing all of ’03 with a a torn biceps, Verba was the only offensive player to start every game this year. A former 1st-round pick of the Packers, Verba had a very good season at left tackle, though he’s certainly not among the league’s elite. He has also seen action at guard in the past, but this season may have proven that he’s more effective at LT, where he has played most of his career, including starting in a Super Bowl as a rookie.

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Tucker, who earned a contract extension last spring, is a virtual lock at right tackle, but beyond that, I don’t see any more "must keep" names on this roster.

Tucker is evidently unhappy with his contract, as the extension was to give the Browns Cap Relief. Let's just say, Ryan is having delusions of grandeur.


One of the linemen has a connection to new offensive line coach Jeff Davidson. He is Greg Randall, who was drafted by New England in the fourth round in 2000 and played three seasons with the Patriots while Davidson coached there.

The other lineman signed was Phil Bogle, formerly a reserve with San Diego, and Lewis Dawson, who spent last season on the Browns practice squad.
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for those of you who sturggle with words and are picture people here you go.

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