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a little help finding buckeye pics....


out of chaos comes playoffs
not sure where this thread belongs but it is about finding buckeye pics on the net so i am putting it here for now.

anyways, i recently purchased a really nice photo printer (hp 7660 for $149 at best buy). it is making some really nice prints for me so far.

the project i have been working on is some 18"x24" buckeye posters for my buckeye room. so far i have been using pics from the ozone and they are of excellent quality up to 8"x10". i simply use several pics in one frame and i got me some new stuff for the room for very little $. i have two really nice framed up osu national championship collages and started working on 2002 michigan tonight.

anyways, the ozone has all the recent pics that i could ever hope for but i would like to get some pics of older buckeyes and especially woody, eddie, archie, spielman, and the list just goes on and on and on. sadly i don't have any decent sized buckeye images of these past legends on my computer and i was wondering if anyone out there had any or was aware of where i could download some.

basically i guess it comes down to this, anyone got any good links for buckeye pics? i used to have a ftp link for literally thousands of buckeye pics, but left me with my last computer. any help would be appreciated big time.

if anyone out there would like to try something like this themselves but is having trouble with getting their pics the proper size, either reply here or send me a PM and i will resize them or whatever it takes to get you started.

anyways, thanks in advance for any help. my room and my drinking buddies will appreciate the decorations big time this coming season.
I've got an H.P Photosmart, but have not tried anything over a standard sized pic. I have not used the photo cartridge yet, just the color casrtridge that came with it. Is it worth the extra $ to get the photo print cartridge ?

I did notice thoze o-zone pics and I must say, Jim Davidson produces some great shots.

What kind of paper did you use? Thanks

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for the 8x10s i used the HP premium high gloss or ultra gloss or whatever they called it and the best quality setting in the printer properties. for the 4x6s i use the kodak ultima high gloss paper and again the best quality on the printer.

i have never printed on this other than standard documents and photos, but the photo cartridge does do a fine job no doubt.

to print a bigger picture than you have so far you may need to manipulate the photo some. just about any photo you find on the web will be of standard monitor 72 resolution. about the best pics you will be able to print will be at 300 dpi resolution (despite the printer and all printers claiming something ridiculous like 4800 by 1200 resolution). i use adobe photoshop to change the resolution of pics i find online. i don't know of another program out there for free that can do it for you. photoshop is around $500 and honestly worth the money if you edit pics often. if you just print pics from the web without adjusting them they will be small as shit. if you blow up the resolution you will lose some detail but gain all the size you want. i have blown up the ozone's pics to 300 pixels per inch to get a near 8x10 size and 200 pixels per inch to get near 4x6 size. you can blow them up and they still look pretty good printed, especially when you put them in a frame and don't get within inches to look for blockiness in the pics. one note here, when you do blow up the pics they will look a little blocky on your monitor but 99 percent of that fades away when you go to print.

the best free image editor out there bar none is www.irfanview.com . i don't believe it has settings for dpi when you blow up pics but i know you can enlarge the overall size for sure.

you may want to look around on www.suprnova.org and see if you can find anything there to download that may help you. it is a bit torrent file source and they have lots of image editors there. here is the page for the free bit torrent program i use to download these ( http://azureus.sourceforge.net/ ).

if you have any questions let me know.
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Hey VG, thanks for the information. I am fairly new as far as digital photography; I am just reading a book on it now. What camera do you have and recommend? I will be investing some money in this field soon, so any pointers will help. I also have heard that the Photo Shop is a great tool even though it is very expensive. Thanks again for your information and other posts regarding Buckeye recruiting.
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