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A Holliday Diet For Buckeyes

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by 3124holybuckeye, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. Ok buckeye fans, heres a no pain all gain buckeye diet. It's sure to make your heart healthy, and enable you to sleep better at night. Might even shed a few yellow journalistic pounds ( YJ's are bad, they raise your blood pressure and heart rate and cause severe headaches. They've also been known to cause projectile vomiting as well as diarrhea ).

    1.)AVOID ESPiN whenever possible. Watch games in sports bars or watch in groups (as to lower ratings). Important to only watch the game, even in groups or at sports bars avoid pregame, halftime, and post-game, as YJ comments are at a higher concentration during these times. Would suggest to turn sound down entirely and listen to the radio if you can get past the 3 sec. delay.

    2.)Do NOT buy anything from ESPiN. ANYTHING.

    3.)Cancel anything you can live without. The Ragazine is an absolute MUST CANCEL and NEVER BUY.

    4.)Exercise daily by going to your nearest rag rack and performing ESPiN tucks. Frequent reps are recommended. As to avoid boredom and familiarity, perform tucks at as many different racks as possible. Advanced buckeyes should remove any and all subscription cards, fill out bogus address( ie. north pole) and drop in nearest mailbox. Postage is paid for by the rag.

    5.)Frequent live venues whenever possible.

    6.)Support other, non or less yellow, news sources, ie. Fox, SI, ect.

    7.)Email ESPiN ONCE, let them know that you are canceling and boycotting and why. Then DO it. Do not ever log on to another ESPiN web site again. Most importantly for any polls. They just laugh when they can get us to come back with some meaningless poll. Who cares if we aren't first or behind tsun in any damn poll. We know better!!! 8)

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