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6/29 McD's Summer league play......


First let me start by saying that G$ is a beast !!!!!! He broke his 45 point high by scoring "50" big ones last night. This is after two very bad games last week while being hit with some kind of flu or something. Bigups to George !

Billings- Put on a show in the first half of his game tonight. He did it from outside and at the bucket. His jumpshot is touching nothing but net right now and he got one of the funkiest put back dunks I've seen in a while. He went up to get the rebound and had to wait about ten minutes for it to come off of the rim, but once it came off, he caught it and dunked it with a ridiculas amount of force. Oh, and all of this happened on Matt Sylvesters nose. Billings is playing with so much confidence right now that he will shoot or try to dunk anything. Very powerfull for his size.

JJW- He is still very fundamental and is a solid defender but he is having a hard time getting any kind of points. Lets hope the pace of summer league ball is just not his style. He does seem to be made for half court play though, so I still have high hopes for him. I still say he is lucky if he's 6'5.

JJ Sullinger- Looks about the same. When Billings is on the floor JJ is as quite as a mouse. Billings has surpassed JJ in every aspect of the game.

Stockman (Tone), wasn't too hot tonight but showed some other good things like hustle plays , nice assist, and effort on defense. Big news for him.

TD- Had a frustrating start before ending the game with several very sick dunks. He looked good on the boards all night. He is stronger and seems more mature on the floor. He will be a very good captain and has the respect of the other guys already.

Butler- actually took some shots tonight. He is starting to assert himself more but still seems to be out of his habitat in this style of ball. Which is good news because he will be a beast in a strutured game. He loves to pass but will knock you in your mouth from outside if your not in his grill. BFC will be a solid backup this year...lol

Ivan Harris- I didn't see him but I asked and folks said he played well. Scoonie told me that Ivan gave Sylk and George fits in an open gym earlier his week. He said he gets much better when he gets touches. Rythym type !

Twig- Still not having a good showing but I seen his squad paly this year in highschool and this type of game is not for him. He was well coached and this type of ball goes against his teaching. But that said, if he was stronger he would be doing much better. His lack of strength seems too be what he is struggling with.

Sylk- didn't pass much and continues to show that he can score. Maybe he will be an offensive spark when needed this year.

Radinovic- After being yelled at by Scoonie for taking charges from 6'2 guy's, passing it to other big men on the outlet, and not dunking the ball after missed layups, Scoonie called a time out and took Rad out of the game and he did not return. He has all of the physical tools, he just is not a player. Scoonie stared him down several times and yelled, "your 7 feet". But RAD didn't get it.

KJ- looked good offensively but kinda layed back on defense. I'm hearing he is back in the league for the start of the season.