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6/22 Summer league play (JJW showed up)


Jermyl Jackson-Wilson : Finally we had a chance to see this kid play. Hieght wise, I thought he was closer to 6'5 than 6'6 but others around me disagreed. I do know he was at least 2 inches shorter than Sylk who is 6'7 1/2. He was built much better than the reports I heard of him last year. He was reported to be very skinny but he looks like he has been banging out on the wieghts. Now the good news, "He is our most fundumentally sound PF". Hands down ! "He is our best defending PF", Hands Down ! And along with Billings, he will be the biggest shock of the season for tOSU. I really think that with a new coach coming in and playing the best we have at every position, that JJW has a good chance at starting. His footwork is that of a seasoned pro and he never fails to box out or do whatever is called for to stop his man. He is very calm and confident in what he is out there to do. He blocked several shots without jumping because he just knows how to defend but at near end of the game he showcased the hops that everyone talked about. He finished a tomahawk dunk that could of broke a backboard with just a little more force added. I'm not saying he is a better ball player than Sylk, Harris or whoever, But I am saying that he is our best PF ! Undersized but a true PF for sure. If he can defend on the wing then he is very valuable. He is a coaches dream and he will never have to be told to do the dirty work or the little things.

Scoonie Penn = Let me just say that Scoonie is the perhaps the best ball player that I've seen in person. He and Darby went toe to toe with Stockman and Butler and just killed em. Darby didn't do much offensively but held his own. Scoonie on the other hand was fantastic. He took over the game when ever he needed to whether that meant getting to the bucket, dishing scoring, or coming up with a steal.

Butler = Looked a little star struck last night playing against Scoonie and the gang but he knocked down a couple of 3's and distributed the ball. He was out witted by older guy's though.

Stockman = He gave an effort to defend but he is just not a defender. But he was very hot shooting the ball from outside. I would guess he went maybe 5 for 7 or 6 for 8 from downtown. I dont recall him passing the ball much.

TD = He went head to head with Ken Johnson last night. I would say the had an even battle. At one point TD went face to face with KJ and power dunked on him. That is not an easy task ! TD looks super and is turning into a floor leader.

Twig = Scored a couple times and is not afraid to mix it up inside but is just not strong enough sometimes. He'll be fine with time.

BFC = He was shooting the ball pretty well last night. He is playing on a team with less talent than he has played with in past summers so he is looking like a decent pg. He seems to be eager to finish his career on a positive note so we'll see.

Billings = Didn't have the dominating night that he had all last week but still played well. He doesn't force shots and he defends all game long. He did get double figures and hit a 3. He is much quicker than I remember seeing him last year.

JJ Sullinger = Looks the same. Thats not a bad or good comment but he hasn't shown anything new or improved.

Sylk = Took over a second half and shows game after game that he can score if he needs to. He is our enforcer ! He can get rough with folks at times.