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6/17 Thursday's Summer league thoughts.....


I got a good look at Twig and Butler last night.

Butler was playing on the wing and didn't get to show any pg skills last night but he did pull up some three's and run the floor pretty well. He only hit 1 or 2 three's but the several he missed looked good and were in and out. He is playing very layed back and not asserting himself offensively like he does when running the point. He is definately more comfortable at the point than any other spot.

Twig has the tools but was pushed around again last night. He did get a dunk on a play where Vel would have layed it in. That is refreshing !

TD = Looks fantastic ! Defending well, finishing strong and he took a couple hard falls and bounced right back. The injury bug seems to have left him.

Ex buckeyes - Scoonie, George, Brian B, KJ, Darby Vel. These guy's looked good yesterday. George hit about 24, Brian hit 19 and I'm not sure how much the other guy's scored but they all looked healthy and in great shape . I still say that Scoonie is one of the best players I've ever seen in person. He takes command of the floor like no other pg I've seen in recent years.

Billings = Again was the show stopper. He dunked and hit threes and dunked and dunked and dunked. Last year he was lucky if he hit 4 to 6 points in one of these games but he is now looking like the best player on our current roster. He is more explosive and he is a better shooter than last year.

JJ- looked his old athletic self but didn't move me either way. He is playing well though. He did get a ridiculas dunk.

Sylk went toe to toe with George tonight and held his own pretty well. He mainly played on the wing though because every time he went to the basket he was fouled hard. His shot looks good.

Stockman, Looked great. He drove well, shot well, and even passed it a few times. But he got toasted all game by a little guy that everyone kept saying was Lavenders older brother. This little dude humiliated Tony all night.

Ivan is looking okay but he is still wanting to play on the wing a lot. This is cool if the new coach decides that this is where he wants him. But if he has to play the 4, he is not ready.

I didn't get a look at BFC. JJW should be showing up next week sometime.
Thanks for the scouting report, ant.

You said that Ivan was still playing like a wing, and that Twig got pushed around inside. Do you think Twig can help us much at the 4 this year because if he can't and Ivan is playing like a 3, we're not going to have an inside prescense at all except for TD.

Oh yeah, I forgot JJW. I know you said he won't play until next week, but I've heard he's more of a 3 himself too. Or maybe I'm confused.
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Great stuff Ant! I'm assuming this is the McDonalds/Worthington Summer League? Also, I might talk to Clarity about making this a "Featured Post" on the front page ... any objection to that? Any thought to keeping us updated on the summer league with future posts?

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Jonnycockfight, Right now. Scoonie Penn !

I'm sorry fellas I didn't check back on this one to reply in a timely fashion.

Nixon, JJW is the answer to our problem at the 4. See my post for the summer league on the night of 6/22.

3yards, I would have no problem with that. But I'm not the writer type so it may need cleaned up a bit.
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