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LGHL 57% of polled Ohioans think Ohio State would beat the Browns

Matt Brown

57% of polled Ohioans think Ohio State would beat the Browns
Matt Brown
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


And Ohioans are never wrong about anything. Clearly.

Given Ohio's critical place on the political primary calendar, there has been no shortage of pollsters asking what Ohioans think about the biggest issues of the day. But deep down inside a recent report that primarily focused on Ohio's competitive Senate race, one pollster thought to ask a question that everybody really wants to know. And the answer is surprising!

Public Policy Polling asked 1,248 Ohio voters who would win in a hypothetical matchup, the Ohio State Buckeyes, or the Cleveland Browns. 57% of the respondents picked the Buckeyes, with 23% picking the Browns, and another 19% saying they weren't sure.

Look, virtually everybody on Ohio State's defense last year will eventually be an NFL Draft Pick, and you don't need to remind me that the Browns stink, but this seems to me like it's probably more about Cleveland Browns fans looking for a fun, new way to vet their frustration than earnestly thinking they'd lose to a college team. But maybe not.

PPP also asked a slew of other non-political questions. In case you were wondering, Ohioans have a positive opinion about Skyline Chili (32% favorable, 22% unfavorable), which goes to show that the public is not always right.

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