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(5) THE Ohio State vs. (1) TTUN, Sat 3/15 @ 1:40p ET, CBS


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Really that was a great effort and the only real sting to me is losing to scUM. But considering this was our third game in 3 days and scUM couldn't miss from 3 point land, that was a really good performance.
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Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.
I can see it already: #2 Seed Meatchicken loses to #15 Seed Idaho State Tech A&M in the 1st round.

It could get even better: #1 seed scUM falls to #16 Seed Appalachian State Tech A&M in the 1st round. First time ever a #16 beat a #1.

Bracketology: Michigan into 4th 1-seed spot, but battle not over
The revolving door at the fourth No. 1 seed spot has spun again with Wisconsin's loss toMichigan State on Saturday. At the moment, Big Ten regular-season champion Michigan is in that spot. Only Arizona andKansas have more top 50 RPI wins than the Wolverines, who have 10, seven of those away from home.

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I'd have to see the brackets..I dont see OSU beating a 3 if they are a six.
I can see them making the Sweet 16. That is a far statement from predicting it. They took tsun to the wire, who will probably be a 2. They beat Wisconsin, which will probably be a 3. They split with MSU. Beating a 3 would not be a huge upset. And the brackets will make a big difference. A lot of the tournament is about matchups.
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