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LGHL 5-star corner Shaun Wade's '100% committed' to Ohio State

Nick Polak

5-star corner Shaun Wade's '100% committed' to Ohio State
Nick Polak
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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The five-star cornerback is still solid to the Buckeyes.

While in Orlando, hanging out at The Opening regional camp, Ohio State commit Shaun Wade reaffirmed his commitment to the Buckeyes while speaking with SB Nation's Bud Elliott. Wade stated that he is "100% committed" to Ohio State right now, but also said that he is talking with other schools, and will likely have a final decision at some point this summer.

As things stand right now, though, Wade is still on track to become a Buckeye, and could eventually become a mainstay in the Ohio State secondary. The 6'2 junior from Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Florida is currently rated a five-star prospect according to the 247Sports Composite ranking system. He is the third ranked cornerback and the 11th rated player overall in the 2017 class.

Buckeye fans should be very excited to see Wade in Columbus, as he brings a Richard Sherman-type stature to the field (though if you ask him, he doesn't model his game after anyone but himself). Wade points out his length and speed as his greatest attributes. He also says he has "good feet for a tall corner."

When Wade finds the field for the Buckeyes, expect to see quarterbacks learn to shy away from his side of the field, as one of his favorite parts of playing corner is "getting somebody hit." Oh, and he also likes baiting quarterbacks into making big mistakes when he's in zone coverage. Have fun with that, Big Ten quarterbacks!

Wade didn't participate on Sunday due to a hamstring injury.

#OhioState commit Shaun Wade not participating today because of hamstring injury. Still 100% to Buckeyes. pic.twitter.com/g8HyBKp3IK

— Derek Tyson (@DerekTysonESPN) February 21, 2016

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