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LGHL 5 former Ohio State players are heading to Super Bowl 50

Alexis Chassen

5 former Ohio State players are heading to Super Bowl 50
Alexis Chassen
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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The Broncos and Panthers will face off for the Lombardi Trophy and pretty sick ring.

It's official! Bradley Roby and the Denver Broncos will face Corey "Philly" Brown, Kurt Coleman, Ted Ginn Jr., Andrew Norwell and the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. It wasn't an easy road to the final game of the year, but both teams persevered and have one more opponent between them and the Lombardi Trophy.

The AFC and NFC Championships were filled with momentum-shifting plays and huge scores by former Ohio State players, and have proven to be critical in their team's success in 2015.

Broncos vs Patriots

Everyone expected this matchup to come down to Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, but the AFC Championship came down to the defenses. Bradley Roby was able to cover and limit Patriots wide out Julian Edelman throughout the game, causing a major issue in New England's offensive game plan.

The game was close all four quarters, and New England was driving down the field with less than two minutes on the clock. Tom Brady had completed two fourth down conversions during the drive, and were able to get in the endzone with under a minute remaining. The Broncos still lead by two. On the two-point conversion, Roby found the ball after a deflected pass by Brady.


With Roby's interception, and only 12 seconds on the clock, the Broncos had sealed a win and a spot in the Super Bowl. The defensive back has proven himself a key contributor in the one of the League's best defenses.

It was an unfortunate outcome for former Buckeye Nate Ebner who suits up on special teams and defense for the Patriots.

Cardinals vs Panthers

Things started out with a bang as former Ohio State star Ted Ginn Jr. had a 31-yard punt return to start the Panthers second offensive series. He quickly followed it up with a sideline-to-sideline 22-yard touchdown run -- his first rushing touchdown since November -- giving Carolina an early 10-0 lead.


The following drive featured another former Buckeye, with wide receiver Corey Brown running a deceiving route for an 86-yard touchdown reception. Not only did it put the team up 17-0, but it went down in the history books as the franchises longest pass completion in the playoffs.


The first half finished with another interception that ultimately deflated any hope the Cardinals had in getting into the endzone before heading into the locker room. That momentum killer was from none other than former Buckeye and breakout secondary star Kurt Coleman -- who finished the regular season with seven interceptions, second most in the NFL.

Kurt Coleman interception on Carson Palmer. pic.twitter.com/pcdnVJwuXA

— ⓂarcusD (@_MarcusD_) January 25, 2016

One wasn't good enough, and Coleman caught another interception just ahead of the endzone early in the fourth quarter, setting up the drive that left the Panthers with a 42-15 lead.

Kurt Coleman picks of Carson Palmer for the 2nd time. Cardinals with their 5 turnover. pic.twitter.com/2wnyxCtuNN

— ⓂarcusD (@_MarcusD_) January 25, 2016

Ginn had a great catch in the third quarter for more than 30 yards, adding to an already great game for the former all-star. The receiver faced his former team in the NFC Championship, and put everything on the line in one of the best and most notable games of his career.

Even Urban Meyer was using his former players in the NFL as a tool to remind recruits exactly where that talent comes from.

Corey (Philly) Brown and Ted Ginn Jr touchdowns!!! Buckeyes in the playoffs.

— Urban Meyer (@OSUCoachMeyer) January 25, 2016

Now four former Ohio State stars are heading to the Super Bowl after their win, to face off against one of their own. With two weeks to prepare, it will be a battle of two of the League's best offenses and defenses, for a chance to be the Champions.


In case you forgot how fast Ted Ginn Jr. is, he ran almost 80 yards to catch up with Peterson on a Cam Newton interception to stop a possible Pick 6.

Ted Ginn is fast: https://t.co/VBE4rUgpyj pic.twitter.com/WmOpFe2Ft5

— SB Nation (@SBNation) January 25, 2016

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